train·ing n
1.  the process of learning (or teaching) a skill or job.

Training can be formal or informal. It can focus on groups of people or a single person. Training can be exhilarating, stretching and sometimes very challenging. Good training will enable participants to accomplish more than they could have accomplished – without it. This is our goal. We want people who attend our training events to leave with skills and information that they can put to immediate use. Our clients will be able do more than they could prior to participating in our event.

That said, Victorious Living offers skill training for both individuals and groups. Our modules are designed to be practical, informative, interactive, and fun. Because they are derived from principles found in the Bible – the workshops yield positive results. And most people who participate in our events leave feeling emotionally energized and often having made new friends.

Note: We believe training is different from coaching in that it tends to be a one-time event or workshop, rather than a longer-term support and accountability partnership.

We are currently featuring four signature-training topics:

  • A Better Day - A Better Life,
    How to Thrive, One Day at a Time
  • Atmosphere 4 Life: How to Create a Heavenly Home
  • Goal Setting 4 Life
  • Identifying Your Gifts & Talents

Here' s a brief description of each one:

A Better Day - A Better Life, How to Thrive, One Day at a Time
"Is it really possible to make the most of each day?" We believe the answer is yes! But sadly, the demands and difficulties of our challenging times - cause many people to live in a "holding on" mode rather than a "thriving" mode. This workshop, which is based on a book by the same title, will cover a simple, yet profound model that enables people to construct better days, moment by moment.

As your days improve, in time, you will see that your life become better overall. Participants will leave this session with easy-to-apply techniques to (a) improve their relationships, (b) to be more productive and (c) to enjoy their lives more than ever before. Whether you are personally going through a tough time that needs major improvement or whether you are in a good place and wondering if you could be any happier, this practical, introspective and interactive training will be a benefit to you.

Atmosphere 4 Life: How to Create a Heavenly Home
A wonderful place exists where we can serve others. It is often overlooked because it is common and even mundane. It is the place where we live our houses, our homes. And when a home is managed well it really can be a place where miracles happen. As wives, moms, sisters, daughters, and friends, we have a unique opportunity to bless the people we know by creating a Heavenly Home where they feel safe, well-fed, affirmed, comfortable and encouraged by the word of God.

This training will cover both the practical tips and the spiritual principles of creating and utilizing a heavenly home. We will discuss the enablers and barriers that affect your ability to "minister" to others within the walls of your home. We' ll close the session by making a personalized plan of attack so that you can make your dwelling place an atmosphere that supports a joyfully productive life. Come laugh and learn in this session. You won' t be disappointed.

Goal Setting 4 Life
It is quite commonplace for corporations and large organizations to use goal setting processes to meet their objectives. So why don' t more individuals use these same techniques to accomplish their personal life goals.

Our Goal Setting 4 Life training teaches people how to clarify what is most important to them, so that they can use this information to develop a vision for how they want to exist in this world. We then develop detailed action plans that will move them toward their visions. We finish the sessions, by identifying vehicles to help clients stay the course with their plans.

This training provides time for introspective thought as well as moments for interaction with others. This format allows clients to complete the workshop well positioned to thriveĦ­one day at a time.

Identifying Your Gifts & Talents
So you have a burning desire to do more than you are doing today - but doubt is secretly plaguing you. What real talent do you have? What skill can you offer? The Identifying your gifts and talents training helps clients uncover and or confirm their unique abilities so they can use them more effectively, and with increased satisfaction.

For anyone who wants to be more effective and productive wherever they live work and play this practical training is a good place to start.

We also offer a handful of mini-workshop topics:

EMP2 - Effective Menu Planning and Meal Preparation
The family is asking the dreaded question. "What' s for dinner tonight?" But you don' t know yet, and its 6:00PM. Our simple system will allow you to create an effective plan, so that you can respond to that daily question with an answer that you feel really good about.

Mo Better Time Management
This is contemporary time management. Participants will learn how to more effectively allocate time for the priorities in their lives. Those who are "calendar-impaired" will get customized tips on how to manage their schedules more effectively.

Simple Window Treatments
You'd love to dress your windows in treatments from a fine retailer, but the prices are equal to a car payment. We can show you some simple techniques to create a custom treatment using your own hands and a few yards of fabric. Even if you haven' t sewn, since your junior high school home economics class, you can do this. It' s that simple.

Clutter Management 101
Clutter is that unwanted "stuff" that sits around our homes and offices. It thrives on tables, desks, in closets, staircases, and flat surfaces of all kinds. Candidly clutter is a by-product of the busy fast-paced lives we live.

Ironically it can't be fully be totally eliminated, but it can be effectively MANAGED. We can give you the tools and processes that will work for your situation. No more searching for lost keys and missing papers. No more tripping over toys in the middle of the night. Our techniques will help you create spaces that function, look and feel like you want them to. Clutter ?drains. Order ?rocks!

Most of our topics are tailored to women who are juggling the roles of wife, mother, employer, employee, caretaker, sister, friend, home-manager, volunteer, etc., and the multiple demands that go with them. Many can be scaled up or down to fit a lunchtime brown-bag type event or to be an in-depth half or full day session. Many of the training topics can be covered with individual clients via the personal coaching format.

Please contact us, for availability, pricing or more information about training options with Victorious Living.

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