Goal setting is used in many facets of life. It enables people to accomplish objectives and exceed past efforts. Setting goals helps employees deliver their company’s profit targets. It helps your school’s PTA sell more in the annual magazine drive. Ironically, most of us have used this tool at work, school, on sports teams, and even at church, but we do not effectively leverage goal setting to reach milestones that have personal meaning for us as women.

Victorious Living has created the Goal Setting 4 Life process to help clients build a more satisfying marriage, look more stylish, or to simply get their kitchens organized. Our GS4L training takes what is effective in the marketplace and structures it to enable individuals to pursue and accomplish their life goals.

Training Overview & Output
The GS4L process helps clients bring the vision of their ideal lives – to reality. This training is holistic, introspective and interactive. Each participant takes away an action plan that can be immediately applied to her daily life. Victorious Living is also available as an ongoing resource to aid our clients all the way to the finish line.

Like most of the training we offer, this one can be done in a group setting or as part of a one-on-one personal coaching session. Individual clients should plan to dedicate two hour-long sessions held within one month of each other. Small groups should set aside 90 minutes for shared time, and then plan to finish the work solo, at a later time. Pre-work is emailed in advance to maximize the face-to-face interaction.

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