What’s a personal coach?

A personal coach is similar to an athletic coach. Rather than focusing on improving athletic skills and reaching athletic goals, an effective personal coach helps clients use their skills and resources to achieve life goals. (A life goal can cover any facet of living that the client deems important and meaningful.) 

Coaches can enable clients to use their existing skills more effectively, and help them gain new skills.  Coaches are able to provide objective feedback about client strengths and opportunities.  They are also great sounding boards.

Victorious Living focuses on three areas to provide a robust coaching experience: 

We first help clients ENVISION (see the possibilities and document) a picture of the lives they truly want to live.  We then partner with them as they PURSUE – (proactively journey toward) this life – one step, or action at a time.  And lastly, we encourage and remind them to ENJOY (celebrate and savor) the moments of success with loved ones and other "V-lifers" as they happen.

Who uses a personal coach?
Millions of people use personal coaches. They are moms, employees, people in transition, and people who just want more from life.  In fact, to some extent everyone gets "coached".  It may come from a teacher, spouse, parent, mentor, boss, etc.  A person chooses to utilize a "professional" to get coaching that is:
  • Consistent - we are "trained" to help people improve and accomplish more
  • Objective - we don't have a "vested" interest in our client's decisions. We can truly think from a "what's best for you" mindset...
  • Timely - we are available when you need coaching
  • Focused - It is about you. We are here to assist with your challenges, encourage your progress and celebrate your successes.
  • Effective - we will help you make the progress you desire to make.
No matter what your age or role, everyone can benefit from coaching.

What situations can a personal coach help with?
If you need or want to:
  • Achieve a challenging goal – something you tried to do before – but haven’t yet attained
  • Make a difficult decision
  • Accomplish an objective that is time sensitive
  • Learn a new skill
  • Work through a transition
  • Obtain a breakthrough
  • Go to another level of competence
How do I get started?

Contact us to schedule a complimentary join-up.  We meet with clients for an hour to get an understanding their needs, to get a sense of how they like to work, and to share the Victorious Living Coaching model. 

Personal Coaching - Victorious Living "Style"

Our focus is HOLISTIC
We encourage each client to think in terms of

  • Relationships (Who you are positively connected to…)
  • Productivity (What you accomplish and contribute…)
  • Enjoyment (How much joy and fun you have…)

Our perspective is grounded in BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES.

  • All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right.  2 Timothy 3:16 NLT

Clients are praised, persuaded; exhorted and cajoled, if need be, to make progress.  We have a bias for productive action.

We develop SKILLS and seek to understand FEELINGS
Skills are the tools that enable the work and our feelings are the fuel that move us forward or hold us back.  We work on both.

We ask, “Are you making progress?”
We also say, “You can do it!”

We provide access to a community of LIKE HEARTS & MINDS
We uniquely connect our clients to each other through the V-Life Community – where there is encouragement and support, from other women who are pursuing the same types of things that you are.

Our rates are extremely competitive.  Click here for details.

Your TIME is precious to us
We will connect when it is convenient for you. Whether face-to-face, a phone conversation, or an email update, we want to be available when you have a need.

We are FUN
Your journey will be a lot more enjoyable with a Victorious Living coach on board.

Are you ready to benefit from personal coaching
Victorious Living “Style”?


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