Decorating & De-Cluttering Workshops

Victorious Living's decorating and de-cluttering workshops can help you establish a more beautiful, comfortable, and well-organized home. We believe the process of home decorating and de-cluttering is a big part of creating an "Atmosphere 4 Life". Our inspiration home is found in the Garden of Eden. Using this as a model we describe Atmosphere 4 Life (A4L) as:

A place that is safe, tidy, comfortable, attractive, and full of hospitality for the people who live in or visit this dwelling.

It is a space that nurtures the body, soul and spirit.

All of our training events and design consultations are done with this framework in mind. Our goal is to help customers create heavenly homes

Clients can learn more about the A4L concept by participating in a training workshop. These events focus on both the practical tips and methods of managing a household along with the spiritual principles of creating and utilizing a heavenly home.

The agenda typically includes:

  • A review of the components that make up a home that provides Atmosphere 4 Life.
  • Time for each participant think about how her home functions, looks and feels.
  • A presentation of the enablers that help people establish the homes we need and want and the barriers that prevent us from having a home the feels like heaven on earth.
  • The creation of personalized action plans that will help participants meet their A4L goals.

Audience members will find our events to be informative, inspirational and fun.

Here are a few quotes from the past session:

  • Terrific. Great speaking style. Fun. I got way more than I expected! Lori
  • This was SO helpful. I would have gladly sat through for another hour at least. (The) handouts were very useful. Laurie
  • Very thought provoking. (The training) made me view my home with different eyes. Anonymous
  • Kelly opened my eyes to the meaning of a "home". She was fabulous! Anonymous
  • Inspired me to care about my home again. Can't wait for her book. Tammy

In-Home Decorating/De-Cluttering Consultations

Our Founder, Kelly Wilson, provides in-home decorating and de-cluttering consultations on a limited basis

Our philosophy for working with coaching clients is distinct from traditional decorators and designers in that we approach the work as "coaches" who are committed to your vision for your home. We provide ideas and tools to enable you develop and execute a coordinated plan. Because we use this approach we are affordable and our clients can achieve a polished look without breaking the bank.

The vast majority of these customers are interested in tips and processes to reduce clutter while they beautify their homes. This is our specialty. Kelly will identify unique solutions to attractively "manage" clutter, while helping customers create cohesive decorating plans that creatively use what they already own. We also enable clients to decorate in a manner that reflects their interests, passions, and beliefs.

If our training or coaching services could be beneficial to you, please contact us to inquire about the next planned A4L event, to schedule a training event for your organization, or to discuss a one-on-one consultation at 513 259-8001 or

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