"Did you have a tough day today? A tough week? A tough year? Candidly, the past five years have been a challenge for me. To name just a few of the specifics, I found out that I have a chronic illness, my husband landed in intensive care after a serious bicycle accident and my first solo business venture depleted all of my initial investment capital, without making any profit. The worst event of this season was the death of our infant daughter, Kennedy. She died from a fatal birth defect on October 23, 2003. She was alive for twenty-four challenging days on Earth.

After three months of intense grief, I was part of a life changing conversation. Within weeks of that event, I knew what I had learned was not only for my personal benefit. I told my husband, Kenny, that I thought it could somehow be helpful to other people. It could not only assist those who were hurting, discouraged, and confused like I was, but it would also aid those who were productive, prosperous, and content.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share what has been so useful to me. I hope you will consider participating in a future workshop."

Kelly Wilson
Founder, Victorious Living

Participants will:

  • Learn about the individual components of the model
  • Do exercises that will provide opportunities for introspection and discussion
  • Hear tips and tools to be immediately, more productive
  • Create personal action plans and leave with a vehicle to have on-going accountability if this is so desired.

If you are existing, and not yet fully thriving, or if you are on top of the world and wondering if things can get any better, this training event will give you a simple, and profound model that will enable you to flourish (or flourish even more) right where you.

If you would like additional information on the next planned event or if you would like to schedule a group workshop for your organization, please contact us at info@victory4me.com or call 513 259-8001.


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